Postgraduate in Germany for Indian students

Germany is a European nation that is not just famous for its tourism but is also known for its growing educational atmosphere. More than 1 lakh students fly to the country every year to study various courses. Although Germany is known for its higher studies, much credit is given to the courses that belong to the post-graduate level. If you are studying MBBS and looking to establish a quick career change, then you might look for some option in doing PG in Germany after MBBS.

The institutions here are loaded with all the facilities and therefore, choosing a course won’t be problematic for you. If you are looking to continue in the direction of medical sciences, then you can complete your MD in the following streams:

  • Blood banking
  • Pharmacology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Palliative medicine
  • Medical genetics
  • Sports medicine
  • Infectious medicine

While these are just a few options available to you, other courses are also open for you to study in Germany after you have completed your MBBS.

However, if you are looking to start a professional career after MBBS, then some of the common courses that can be taken up at the post-graduate level are as follows:

Post-graduate diploma in Aviation-

The aviation industry has completely been establishment over the years and the number of opportunities over the years has gradually increased. The manifold employment sections in the industry have led to the starting various aviation institutes in Germany. If you wish to study this course, then you might get various advantages. Once you start looking for the colleges here, you want to consider the prospects that are attached to the institution. Make sure that all benefits are provided so that you can have an all-round development. Aviation studies can lead you to get immense opportunities and you would surely stand a chance to be flying high soon!

Hotel management-

The option to study a PG diploma in Hotel management after completing your MBBS is also open to students. The perks of joining the hotel industry are many. Apart from the exposure that you get, you are also entitled to receive additional attachments like good hostel facilities, etc. Therefore, if you are planning to fly to Germany to study hotel management, then get ready for an adventure like never before.


Masters in Business Application is yet again another option that can be opted by students at the PG level. Business studies have likely increased worldwide, owing to the smell and identity of vast opportunities, which are coming from various industrial sectors. Once you earn an MBA degree, your oath is open to becoming a part of any industry you want. Top companies come to get meritorious students every year and help in recruiting them to various posts that are of importance. Therefore, even if you have completed your MBBS, you still have the chance to pursue your MBA, if you are interested. However, even after securing a good rank in the entrance exam, you must pass the interview round. Once all is done, get ready for an awesome career ahead!

Public relations-

Post-graduate diploma in public relations is yet again another option that students can explore after they have completed their MBBS. This course makes way for immense segments of opportunities too and you can be largely benefitted from the same. There are established institutions in Germany that offer public relations courses along with associated courses like journalism, mass communications, etc. Whatever course you are opting for, make sure you are well aware of the prospects of the colleges in which you are going to take admission in. Also, check with the facilities made available to the students in order to accomplish the study of the course.

The option of choosing a career is completely your own choice. In fact, it is not necessary to carry forth your medical study after you have completed your MBBS if you are not interested. Therefore, opt for a course that makes you happy as the options are many. Just seeking to go for it, would make a complete career accomplishment that you would respect ahead!

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