Why is a Govt. Job Better than a Private Job – Read These 08 Facts

Top 8 Advantages of Government Jobs

Growing up in India we all have a question in our minds that why there is so huge craze to get Government Job. Generally, the craze of getting Govt. Jobs are mostly seen between Middle Class and Lower Middle-class aspirants. As we know every job has there Advantages and disadvantages too. However, Govt jobs have some benefits which Private Jobs fail jobs to have. Therefore, in today article we will discuss Top 8 Advantages of Government Jobs. They are as follows:


Salary on Time

The greatest aspect of getting a government job is you get your salary on time. Whatever the situation it may be whether the country is in economic depression or any other problem, still you get salary on time. However, if you are working in any Private Organization you will be paid your salary on time if your company is growing. If your company is not doing well or is in loss then your payment will not be done on time. This is one of the reasons why people trust Sarkari Naukri / Govt. Job.


Pensionable Facility

Another good facility provided by the Government job is pension until death. Because of this reason, Govt Employees can retire peacefully without bothering about your future. You get a pension every month. In addition, you do not have to ask anyone for money even if you are retired. So, this is why the government employees don’t fear to get retired.


Spare Time

The workload in Government Department is too less. Hence, you get lots of free time to indulge yourself in other activities like reading, learning new things, sports etc. If anyone wants to switch its work then they can still have time to work on their idea. If you have, limited work to do them you are less stressed. This will keep your mood happy and positive. If you are working in any private company, you have to work for more than 8hrs & complete the work before the deadline and achieve the given target. But if you are working in Govt Job then you don’t have to bother about this things at all.


No Fear of Surviving.

In the Government jobs, you are not forced to perform every day. Even if you work more than what you will be paid the same salary. Due to this reasons people don’t work hard instead work and relax. Even if you are not too skilled or expert you will be paid, what your salary is supposed to be. But the situation is different if you are working in Private Company. There you have to work or perform regularly to sustain and achieve the payment you are supposed to get.  If you fail to fulfil the expectation of the company, you will be removed from the job. However, in government jobs, there is no fear of surviving in Jobs.


Housing Facility

The government job also provides housing facility to the employees with reasonable rent. So, By getting Govt. Job You can live in Government Quarters as they have good facilities available for employees and their families too. These facilities are not available in any other private company. Due to these reason aspirants works hard to get Govt Jobs.


Free Health Care

As we, all know health care expenses are too high. But If you are a Government employee you have a healthcare facility. Through this facility, you can bear all the medical expense of your the entire family. For Private employees, the coast of all expensive surgery is too high but for Government employees, it is too cheap.


Vacations to Spend

As we know that the workload in the Govt. job is less. You have many holidays yearly. Hence you can manage your holidays an take vacation when you need. But if you are working in any private Organization due to the high workload you can hardly get any holiday. This is another reason why people opt for government jobs.


Social Security

Government Jobs gives us various facilities like salary on time, pension, medical facility and other allowances, Due to this your life is much secured compared to other’s who work for private organizations. This thing you can only achieve if you are working for Government.

Therefore, this is some of the Advantages of Working in Government Department. We hope that our article about Top 8 Advantages of Government Jobs. Will surely help you to know why there is the craze of getting a Government job in our country.


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