Education in the 19th Century – Colleges & Benefits of Pursuing Online Degree

19th century was the most important century of the world when the world experienced immense growth and change. This was the period of the second Industrial Revolution and European Imperialism. Most of the Asian Countries were brought under European rule. The second Industrial revolution led to urbanizing most parts of the world mainly Europe and America. There were numerous important inventions during the 19th century such as Steam Engine, Telegraph, Rifle, telephone, Locomotive, Light Bulb and much more.

The 19th century showed a great social change. Abolition of slavery took place in the 19th century. Life expectancy was around 40 -45 years in the 19th century. Some of the people who were born in the 19th century were Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Swami Vivekananda, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Charlie Chaplin.

Education in the 19th Century

Journalism had undergone enormous changes and was playing an important role in the 19th century because of the various political, industrial changes. Journalism was not only meant for news but also for entertainment.

History: History means the study of the past or continuous study of past events relating to a particular society, person, culture and much more. History also helps us to understand how the society exists and how we live in it.

Becoming a Historian: Students who want to be a historian can pursue Bachelor’s, masters and Doctoral Degree in History where they will get to learn about the history of Europe, Asia and Africa. They get to learn about various cultures, various wars and many other concepts. They can either go to a college or study the course content through an online degree program.

Colleges offering History courses: The institutions help the students to become a historian by helping them specialize in history studies such as colonialism, American History, Renaissance, Warfare and many more.

Online History Degree:  Online History degrees are offered by accredited History schools to helps students become Historians by offering them to learn the course content through the internet.

Benefits of Pursuing Online degrees:

  • One of the main benefits of pursuing online degrees is that students have flexibility. They can put up a schedule which suits them the best and learns accordingly. They can switch between their jobs and their learning.
  • They have a significant reduction in terms of cost they pay to complete the degree due to numerous reasons.
  • They are given an access to a portal where they can watch lectures, have interaction with other students and h
  • They have very good networking opportunities.
  • They also have interactive sessions with faculty.

Colleges that offer the best Online History degree:

Best online colleges in Kentucky that offer History degree are Northern Kentucky University (NKU), Western Kentucky University (WKU)

Best Online Colleges in Massachusetts that offer History degree are Brandeis University,

University of Massachusetts

Best Online Colleges in Mississippi that offer History degree is Jackson State University (JSU).

Best Online History Degree Programs in the USA include University of Central Florida, Thomas Edison State University, The Baptist College of Florida, Liberty University, and the University of Arizona.

On successful completion of a degree in history, one should have great analytical skills. They are also able to draw conclusions once they analyze the information from the historical sources. They also can decode visual images, old monuments, and old documents. Historians do have great verbal, writing, research and decision-making skills.

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