How Do I Eeasily Develop My Numerical Ability Skills for IBPS Clerk Exam?

Numerical Ability Tricks: Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has initiated recruitment drive for clerical posts in public sector banks. There are two exams for this post preliminary and mains exams. The level of competition has increased a lot from the previous year’s competition level. The candidates are required to score much more than the previous year’s cut-offs. Through this article, we will be sharing strategy to easily develop numerical ability skills. We have mentioned some Tips & Tricks to improve Numerical Ability.

How To Develop Numerical Ability Skills For IBPS Clerk Exam?

In this section there are two main aspects, first is concept and second is calculation speed. To develop numerical ability skills one needs to master both skills. The calculation speed can be improved using certain techniques as given below:-

Quantitative Aptitude PDF by R.S. Aggarwal

Addition: We are required to find the sum of large numbers for calculating the average and other questions related to a sum of certain parameters. In the exam, the candidate must follow the following way of addition in order to save precious time:-

  1. g. Find average of 8623 + 1256 + 5325 +9854 + 1239

Step 1:- Find the sum of numbers at thousands place 8000 + 1000 + 5000 + 9000 + 1000

= 1000 (8+ 1 + 5 + 9 +1) = 24000

Step 2:- Find the sum of numbers at hundreds place 600 + 200 + 300 + 800 + 200

= 100 (6 + 2 + 3 + 8 + 2) = 2100

Step 3:- Now add the last two digits of numbers (You must be capable of adding two digits without pen and paper)

= 23 + 56 + 25 + 54 + 39 = 197

Step 4:- Now add all results of step 1 to 3

24000 + 2100 + 197 = 26297

Step 5:- For average divide results of step 1 to 3 by 5 and add the results

24000/5 + 2100/50 + 197/5

Keep in mind one thing that instead of finding the exact result, it’s better to look at the options and find the closest match.


The multiplications can be done using percentage rule. This method will save time, for example, if we are required to solve 450 * 56, look at this multiplication in terms of percentage:-

= (56 % of 450) * 100

= (50 % of 450 + 6 * 1 % of 450) * 100

= (225 + 27) * 100

= 25200

In this way using percentage we can easily find the multiplications quickly and accurately.

Ratio analysis using percentage:

The next important mathematical tool used in questions is ratio analysis. For instance, the production of a company has increased from 4506 to 6520 and we are required to find the percentage increase. In such questions, this tool is very helpful:-

= Write productions in ratio = Current / Previous

= 6250 / 4506

Now we will find the numerator in terms of percentages of the denominator

100 % of 4506 = 4506

50 % 4506 = 2253

10 % 4506 = 450.6

1 % 4506 = 45.06

Using above percentages 6250 = 4506 (100%) + 1802.4 (4*10%) – 45.06 (1 %)

The approximate percentage is 139 %, it means there is an approx. 39 % (139 % – 100 %) increase in production from previous year.

Vedic Mathematics Rules:

There are certain Vedic mathematics rules which simplify calculations. The candidates should practice these rules to increase calculation speed.

Once this skill is honed you will feel confident in numerical ability. There are certain topic wise techniques which helps a lot in scoring well. The techniques are given below:-


  • Learn all fundamental formulas and practice questions based on it.
  • There are certain types of questions which are repeated in almost every exam, practice questions based on such types as many as you can.
  • In recent banking exams and other Govt Jobs Exams, some new concepts are asked, the candidates should be prepared for the surprises also. The deep knowledge of concepts is a must.
  • Practice questions from online quizzes and mocks.

Quadratic Equations:

  • Use splitting the middle term method for quick calculations.
  • Use the sign convention method, it helps in determining CND cases without solving.
  • Pay special attention to square root and cube root equations.

Simplification and Approximation:       

  • Use the unit digit and digit sum method to solve simplification questions. It makes calculations short and easy.
  • Try to remember squares of numbers 1 to 50, cubes of numbers 1 to 20 and reciprocals in terms of percentage and vice versa.
  • Take care of rounding off numbers in approximation questions when options are too close


  • This topic can be scoring if you practice it in a rational way. Practice all recently asked questions on this topic.
  • Make short notes on different types of patterns with examples for quick revisions.

Data Interpretation:

Data Interpretation is the most scoring section. The weightage of this topic has increased a lot in the past few years. The candidates with better interpretation skills will have the extra edge over others. To master, this section one needs to master many arithmetic topics. The list of important topics is given below:-

  • Percentage
  • Ratio
  • Average
  • Profit and Loss / Income and Expenditure
  • Simple Interest / Compound Interest

Once these topics are mastered one should start practicing questions from recently conducted exams and online quizzes.

These are the important tips and techniques which can help a lot in mastering numerical ability. The candidates are advised to follow the tips very religiously, as merely knowing the concept and techniques are not sufficient ones need to practice sufficiently large of the number of questions to make it happen. Once you are able to complete the syllabus, start taking online quizzes topic wise and complete section as well.

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